Camping car trips

While the world was locked town with Covid-19, I decided to get a camping car. I made several trips around Norway with it.


At the end of April, I went with Sasa on my first trip in the camping car. We drove to Lake Seljord, Morgedal, Rjukan and Gaustatoppen mountain.

Fjords and mountains

In May, I travelled with friends to Øvre Årdal by the Sognefjord, then to Astruptunet by the Jølster lake, and back to Oslo through Vikøyri.

Nordfjord, Ålesund and Åndalsnes

In late May, I made a trip to Alesund, through Jotunheimen and Hjelle in Stryn. On the return, we hiked to Rampestreken viewing point in Åndalsnes.

Hiking in Telemark

In June, I went on a trip to Telemark with Jamie. First stop was by the river Heddøla near Notodden. From Dalen we hiked over Lårdalsstigen to Lårdal, followed by a trip back to Dalen with the veteran boat MS Victoria (built in Oslo in 1882)

Big roundtrip in South Norway

In August, I made a big tour of southern Norway, including Rjukan, Mauranger, Sotra, Florø, Bremanger, West Cape, Ålesund and Åndalsnes.