A trip to Paris and Luxembourg

We visited Paris for some days in December, 2005. Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower is the most famous symbol of Paris. It is 320 meters tall, and was the highest construction in the world when it was built for the…

Uddevalla Bridge

On our way to and from Copenhagen, we drove through Sweden. We stopped in Gothenburg and at the Uddevalla bridge. Uddevalla Bridge The Uddevalla Bridge is on the road E6 between Gothenburg and Oslo. It was built in 2000.

A trip to Puerto Rico

We had an extended weekend in Puerto Rico in early August. We stayed in the capital, San Juan, and visited the Bacardi distillery outside the city. San Juan We stayed in San Juan, the capital of the Commonwealth of Puerto…

Five months in New York

I lived in New York from April to August 2005. Bronx Zoo Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolitan zoo in the USA. Liberty and Ellis Islands Bridges As New York City is spread over several islands, Manhattan, Long Island (Brooklyn…

Traveling around the United States

Since we moved to New York, USA, in April 2005, we have made trips to Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the national parks Yosemite, Death Valley and Grand Canyon. Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is only an 80 minutes…

A trip to London

We travelled to London for a few days in the week of Easter, 2005. While in London, we saw places like Tower of London, Big Ben, St. James’s Park, St. Paul’;s Cathedral and Canary Wharf.

A weekend in Berlin

We visited the 4th largest city in Europe, Berlin, the last weekend of February, 2005. West After World War II, the USA, the UK and France merged their administration zones into one, and allowed it to be integrated into the…

A weekend in Amsterdam

Anton and I went on a weekend trip to Amsterdam in January 2005. Amsterdam is the largest city and the capital of the Netherlands.The city is most famous for its canals, redlight district and “coffee” shops.